First Book: Laurent Binet’s HHhH

Our first reading

Our first reading was Laurent Binet’s HHhH. What better book to kick off discussions than a book that defies genre-categorisation? Save yourself the embarrassment of not knowing how to pronounce the title and discuss it with us online, where no-one can hear you…

Binet HHhH

We will be discussing this book on Twitter Tuesday 6th October between 12-13:00 (GMT).  Sorry to those in distant time zones! There is no reason why the discussion can’t carry on after this for anyone who can’t make this time slot.

You can follow the discussion under the hashtag #storypast whether or not you have a Twitter account, but you’ll need to be signed in to join in.

Remember that Twitter is a public forum and other people (including the person who wrote the piece you are discussing) can read what you write.

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