What is it?

#storypast is a virtual reading group, devoted to creative and innovative approaches to writing history. We select readings that pose questions for how historians write, readings that make use of imagination or even invention, that borrow literary techniques from fiction, or styles from novels, drama, and the visual arts. We are interested in writing that engages a variety of audiences in a variety of ways.

If this sounds like something you are interested in, the group is open to anyone who wants to join: all you need is a Twitter account and access to the readings.

How does it work?

We will post the details of the piece we are reading here on the blog, along with a date and time for the virtual discussion on Twitter.

You can follow the discussion under the hashtag #storypast whether or not you have a Twitter account, but you’ll need to be signed in to join in.

Remember that Twitter is a public forum and other people (including the person who wrote the piece you are discussing) can read what you write.

Want to suggest a book or article?

If you have an idea for something the group could read, why not suggest it in the comments below? We have a running list of books that people have suggested here.

Who are we?

#storypast is the brainchild of Matt Houlbrook (https://twitter.com/TricksterPrince), Will Pooley (https://twitter.com/willpooley), Helen Rogers (https://twitter.com/helenrogers19c), and Alison Twells (https://twitter.com/alison_twells).



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